Mobile Apps

Below you can find some of the Android apps I have worked on.  They are available on Google Play for installation.


Silver Change


The value of the dollar has steadily declined since 1913 when the Federal Reserve was created.  The process has accelerated in 1973 when President Nixon took U.S. off of the gold standard.  While nominal dollar value decreased, coins made with silver, commonly called "junk silver", retained their value.

The app is a virtual wallet where user can select the silver coins and quantities and see the total real value based on metal content.  The nominal value is shown for comparison.


Each coin has a description, metal content information and historical notes.​


The silver price is retrieved from Yahoo’s stock API.

Available at: 


Polka Polka


Polka Polka allows you to stream Polish music to your phone or tablet.


There are several stations to choose from for your listening or dancing enjoyment.


Highlight features:

  • Select and filter your favorite stations

  • Switch between English and Polish language without changing your phone's settings

  • Play music in the background while you do other tasks


Available at: 

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